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New Blues

Ten new songs (originals and covers) from Christchuch's Nigel Spiers and a host of quality musicians from Christchurch, Canada & the USA.

Trouble In Mind (Richard M. Jones)
One of my favourite songs. Written in 1924 by Jazz Pianist Richard M. Jones and since covered by may artists including Dinah Washington, Mavis Staples and Nina Simone.

Nigel Spiers: Vocals

Drums: Craig Scott
Bass: Neil Swainson
Sax Soloist: Mark Douthit
Piano: Miles Black

Oh! Darling (Lennon McCartney)
My version of the classic "Oh! Darling" by The Beatles from their album Abbey Road.

Nigel Spiers: Vocals

Drums: Wes Little
Bass: Steve Mackey
Guitar Rhythm: Quinn Bachand
Sax Soloist: Mark Douthit
Piano: Kevin McKendree
Organ: Chris Nole
You Don't Love Me Anymore (Nigel Spiers)
Here's a new R&B (Rhythm & Blues) style song with maybe just a touch of Ry Cooder thrown into the mix.

Nigel Spiers: Music & Lyrics
Nigel Spiers: Vocals

Drums: Shannon Forrest
Bass: Steve Mackey
Guitar Rhythm: Colin Linden
Guitar Rhythm: Brent Mason
Guitar Rhythm: Darin Favorite
Guitar Soloist: Brent Mason
Piano: Miles Black
Something's Going On (Nigel Spiers)
Here's a new song I wrote recently featuring the lovely guitar work of Joe Robinson
and the Harp of Pat Bergeson.

Music & Lyrics - Nigel Spiers
Vocals - Nigel Spiers

Bass - Dave Row
Drums - Fred Etringham
Harmonica - Pat Bergeson
Guitar - Joe Robinson
Nothing Like New Orleans (Nigel Spiers)
Here's a song about one of my all time favourite places - Louisiana.

Music & Lyrics - Nigel Spiers
Vocals and BV's - Nigel Spiers
Bass: Craig Young
Rhythm Guitar: Brent Mason
Drums - Pat Steward
Lap Steel Guitar - Eddy Dunlap
Piano - Kevin McKendree
My Blue Heaven (Walter Donaldson & George A Whiting)
My version of the classic "My Blue Heaven". This is in the Western Swing style made famous by Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys.

Vocals - Nigel Spiers
Bass: Byron House
Rhythm Guitar: Darin Favorite
Drums: Brian Fullen
Piano: Miles Black
Guitar Soloist: Brent Mason
Rhythm Pedal Steel: Tommy Hannum
Pedal Steel Soloist: Paul Franklin
Who's That Knockin' (Nigel Spiers)
Here's a new Swing song I wrote recently featuring Horns and Vocals

Music & Lyrics - Nigel Spiers
Vocals and BV's - Nigel Spiers
Bass - Neil Swainson
Drums - Brian Fullen
Guitar - Oliver Gannon
Piano - John Jarvis
Sax - Mark Douthit
Horns - Chris West
I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water (Traditional)
Originally released on our 1996 Album "Home Cookin" by the "Doctor Jazz Blues Band". This is a 2022
remix of that recording.

Vocals & Piano - Nigel Spiers
Sax & BV's - Bruce Ivey
Guitar & BV's - Mike Shurety
Drums & BV's - Martin Sharpe
Bass & BV's - Stephen Chadwick
How We Used To Be (Nigel Spiers)
Originally released on our 2000 Album "Old Dogs & New Tricks", this is a completely new version.

Nigel Spiers - Vocals
Bass - Neil Swainson
Piano - Miles Black
Drums - Pat Steward
Guitar - Oliver Gannon
Horn Section - Chris West
Alto Sax - Mark Douthit
Sensitive Kind (JJ Cale)
Acoustic Latin version of this classic by JJ Cale. This song hs been covered by many artists including Eric Clapton,
John Mayal and best of all Santana.

Vocals - Nigel Spiers
Bass - Neil Swainson
Drums - Craig Scott
Rhythm Guitar - Ramon Stagnaro
Guitar Soloist - Brent Mason
You Upset Me Baby (Joe Josea, Jules Taub, Maxwell Davis & B.B. King)
A huge hit for BB King in 1954 and subsequently covered by many musicians including Joe Bonamassa, Gary Moore and Luther Allison.

Vocals - Nigel Spiers
Piano - Miles Black
Bass - Neil Swainson
Drums - Craig Scott
Rhythm Guitar - Oliver Gannon
Guitar Soloist - Oliver Gannon
Chuggin (Nigel Spiers)
Originally released on the 2000 Album Old Dogs & New Tricks. I was never happy with my original mix. After twenty one years I think
I've finally "nailed it". This is a completely new mix and highlights the superb contributions from Brian Harley, Simon Marks, Jo Lincoln
and Al Olds.
My son oliver comments: "I think that's the best thing you have ever sent me. Perfect song structure, performance and mix - really can't fault it."
A Band In A Box Expert comments: "My goodness nigel, love the mix of male and femme vocs, cook my meat...what fun. Great lyrics.
Chuggin should be played on every radio station imho - wowser."

Vocals & BV's - Nigel Spiers
Vocals - Jo Lincoln
Organ - Nigel Spiers
Bass - Simon Marks
Rhythm Guitar - Brian Harley
Guitar Soloist - Brian Harley
Drums - Al Olds
Last Night (Nigel Spiers)
Originally released on our album "Christmas EP 2005" with "The Garage Swing Band". This is a completely new version in a
Western Swing style and a tribute to my heroes: Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys.

Vocals & BV's - Nigel Spiers
Drums - Craig Scott
Piano - John Jarvis
Guitar - Brent Mason
Bass - Byron House

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